Hitempase (Deltase HT, Alpha-Amylase) x 1kg

Hitempase (Deltase HT, Alpha-Amylase) x 1kg

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Product Code: ADG-DHT1

Origin: Deltagen


A bacterial alpha-amylase derived from a self-cloned strain of Bacillus licheniformis blended with Glycerine. Hitempase is a food-grade, heat-stable, starch-hydrolysing product derived from a genetically modified strain of Bacillus licheniformis. Hitempase is an endoamylase which hydrolyses internal -D-1,4 glucosidic bonds to reduce the viscosity of gelatinised starch, producing soluble dextrins and oligosaccharides. Its high thermal stability renders Hitempase ideal for continuous and batch liquefaction of starch or starch-containing materials.