US Meridian T90 x 5Kg

US Meridian T90 x 5Kg

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Product Code: HUMER5

Origin: United States

Origin: USA. Mesmerizing on the rub, this top-note hop is challenging to capture in your beer, but worth the effort for those who persist. At home in IPAs—both West Coast and hazies—Meridian also shines in lagers and saisons. Try it in a stout or porter for a touch of sweet, tangy fruit finish pairs nicely with the roasted malts.



Meridian delivers a mix of Meyer lemon, boysenberry, spearmint, sassafras, sweet-tart and pineapple notes.



Alpha Acid (%): 5 - 6.5

Beta Acid (%): 7 - 8

Co-Humulone (%): 50.1

Total Oils (ml/100g): 1.1 - 1.6