As a pioneering leader in botanical flavour technology, Abstrax excels in crafting innovative terpene-driven, functional flavour solutions. Serving the cannabis, hops, flavour, and fragrance industries, Abstrax is the trusted product development partner for forward-thinking CPG brands seeking a competitive edge. Founded in California by award-winning PhD scientists, flavour chemists, and visionary product developers, Abstrax leverages its three divisions to craft transformative CPG applications with sustainable, all-natural, and cost-effective ingredients.

Abstrax Tech produces groundbreaking research publications, discovers new flavour compounds, and creates terpene blends and flavours for tobacco, cannabis, and food applications, including botanically derived cannabis flavour experiences, all-natural hemp-derived terpenes, and mood-enhancing terpene-flavour systems. Abstrax Labs offers cutting-edge R&D, extraction, and analytical technologies through its proprietary Terplytics™ system, delivering advanced botanical testing for research, sensory quantification, strain validation, product development, and consumer insights. Abstrax Hops pushes brewing innovation with advanced research and products, providing varietal-specific hop flavours, dank flavours, fruit flavours, and next-generation hop products, including natural hop aroma extracts. Committed to safety, quality, and regulatory adherence, Abstrax ensures seamless integration into product lines.

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