Belgomalt Gingerbread Cookie Infusion Malt x 25kg

Belgomalt Gingerbread Cookie Infusion Malt x 25kg

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Product Code: 1080

Origin: Europe


With warming aromas stemming from generous additions of cinnamon and ginger into the malting process,the Belgomalt Gingerbread Cookie infusion malt finds soft balance with further additions of nutmeg, allspice and cloves working in harmony to contribute to a complex medley of depth, cosy spice and festivity. As with home-cooked gingerbread cookies, the secret ingredient, a small addition of black pepper rounds things out beau-tifully.

The percentage of Belgomalt Gingerbread Cookie Infusion malt grist inclusion will depend on the result you'd like to achieve in your final beer, however it should fall somewhere between 10% and 30%. The Belgomalt Gingerbread Cookie character is very present in this infusion malt - bold cinnamon and ginger find a lovely balance with other spices. If you plan to include other strong malt additions (roast malts or specialty malts with a lot of malt character), in an intense porter or stout for example, play with the upper end of the inclusion recommendation (30%) so that the Gingerbread Cookie notes remain very present. If the intentions is to brew a more delicate beer, a subtle ale or a larger for example, the lower end of the recommendation range (10%) will result in a nuanced, fine complexity. With hop additions, I would advise to keep them moderate so you don't cover up the true star of the show - the Belgomalt Gingerbread Cookie infusion malt.



*Colour (EBC): 4.3

*Extract (% FGDB): 78.2

*Raw Material: Barley

*Malted: Yes

*May contains traces of: Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice, Black Pepper, Nutmeg and Ginger