Quality and Sustainability

At Bintani we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of quality and service. This doesn't stop at the customer but extends to the wider community with best practice environmental operations. Our qualifications can be viewed below as well as our Quality and Food Safety Policy here.


The Australian Certified Organic Standard in one of the most respected and rigorous standards in the world for organic product. Our ACO certificate allows Bintani to purchase, import, handle, store and supply organic product.


Our HACCP Certification ensures we have a comprehensive food safety program in place. This includes having implemented a detailed HACCP Plan complemented with documents and procedures to control all food safety hazards, so we can supply high quality and safe products.


Developed by farmers, agronomists, and natural resource experts, the Certified Sustainable Standard for Producers is a certification that delivers positive environmental, social and governance outcome. Not just addressing the symptoms. Bintani have now been accredited by Certified Sustainable. This accreditation allows us to purchase, handle, store and supply Certified Sustainable malt.


Bintani are a member of APCO and therefore is a Signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. As a member we agree to shared commitments and joint responsibilities. Working with Government and Industry to achieve sustainable packaging through material reduction, design, targeted recycling rates, reduced waste to landfill, alternative materials and circular economy activities.