How is active dry yeast produced?

How Does Fermentis Produce Active Dry Yeast? Yeast is a living unicellular microorganism belonging to the eukaryotes (i.e. made of cells containing a nucleus and other organites), about one hundredth of a millimeter in size, so it is not visible to the naked eye...

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The two Belgian beers you'll love to brew

What do the experts say? Specialists in brewing, fermentation and Belgian beers Stéphane Meulemans, Philippe Janssens and Patrick Zanello explain why you'll love to brew 2 styles of Belgian beers.


Peter Meddings steps back from Bintani

On 6th July Peter Meddings stepped back from his operational role at Bintani. Peter founded Bintani 25 years ago in a shed in his Melbourne backyard, initially supplying yeast and malt extracts for homebrewers. "I couldn't be prouder or more grateful that we've been able to build a successful business in this industry, but more importantly, help others do the same along the way," he told the interviewer last year. While handing over his responsibilities as CEO to his sons Phil and Dale Meddings, Peter will remain active as a director on the board of Bintani Australia and continue to consult to the business two days a week. As a Bintani team, we can't thank Peter enough for his great work, professionalism, support and his contribution to the Craft Brewing industry in Australia. Find out more about Pete's career...

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Craft Beer Heroes Pete Meddings

Whether you've consumed just a handful or many hundreds of different beers, and whether your craft beer journey goes back a few months or many years, if you live in Australia you can pretty much guarantee Pete Meddings has played a role in your drinking pleasure.

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