NZ Green Bullet T90 x 1kg

NZ Green Bullet T90 x 1kg

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Product Code: HNGRB1

Origin: New Zealand

A high-alpha hop bred from open cross-pollination of Smoothcone, Green Bullet was first released in 1972. As with many New Zealand varieties, it possesses a level of aromatic oils unusual for high-alpha varieties bred in this era. While Green Bullet was originally bred for bittering power, its pleasingly mellow and resinous oil profile lends itself well to late additions in English ale styles. It is regarded as a “workhorse” in its native New Zealand and is widely used there.


Moderately intense with a distinct floral, resinous character reminiscent of Styrian Goldings, layered with hints of musky Southern Hemisphere fruit.


Alpha Acid (%): 11 - 14

Beta Acid (%): 6.5 - 7

Co-Humulone (%): 41 - 43

Total Oils (ml/100g): 1.0 - 1.4