Nearly thirty years ago, two Armenian brothers had a dream to build something together. It could have been a spaceship. It could have been a skyscraper. It could have been the largest roller coaster the world had ever seen. Luckily for our taste buds, they chose Amoretti.

Jack Barsoumian, armed with extensive knowledge in cell molecular biology as well as a penchant for sublime flavor, along with his wife Maral, a marketing guru, teamed up with his brother Ara Barsoumian, a chemical engineer and an expert in process manufacturing, as well as his wife Hasmig to form the company in its earliest of days.

With a single item in their repertoire, an ages-old recipe for a European-style almond-pistachio truffle, the four of them set up shop in a non-descript industrial section of Chatsworth, California to realize their dream. Without knowing the difficulties and challenges which laid in their way, they forged ahead with remarkable resolve and a tireless work ethic which is not only still evident today, but permeates a large portion of employment at Amoretti: unshakable optimism, spirited work ethic, and an excitement for what lies ahead.

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